Web Application Development Projects

REO Property Preservation Software


This web application is an engine that allows Real Estate Agents and Brokers to submit maintenance requests to service properties on their REO lists. Along with user-level access, an administrative system is also in place to manage all users, vendors and service providers who register with the site. Both subscription-based and transaction-based billing is integrated in a way that allows for clean accounting and work order management. This application was built using a combination of PHP/MySQL and JavaScript. Although we are currently operating and supporting it in its proprietary model, we have additionally created a white label version of this application for one of our clients. Click here to see this application in action.

Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum
Conference Video Presenter


This is an application containing a customized media presentation interface that synchronizes video presentations with PowerPoint presentations. In addition, advertising pre-rolls, splash intros and introductions can be added at the client’s request. One keen feature is the animated screen switching capability as well as the chapter mark cue point requests. This media application is created in Flash and uses ActionScript along with PHP to power its operation. Links to this application can be found on the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum website for January to June, 2011. Click here to see this media application in action. We are currently supporting it whenever updates or add-ons are needed.

Omni-Watch Systems
Security and Video Products


This is an application containing a user and an administrative management system which authenticates users for access using a form post to a PHP redirect that checks the data against the encrypted data stored in a MySQL database. Once validated, this data is then used to create and access an open PHP session that contains the follow-me information for navigation throughout the back-end access to the administrative pages of the site. The administrative side of this application allows administrators to assign camera locations, change passwords, add/edit/delete users, and also create database backups. JavaScript is used to pull the codec information and surveillance camera view screens into the page, and control the playback, stop, pause, full screen, snapshot and download controls. We are currently supporting it whenever updates or add-ons are needed. Visit Omni-Watch Systems to catch a glimpse.

Dealers Finance Source
Finance and Insurance


This web application controls the flow of Financing and Insurance Applications once a buyer has decided to purchase an ATV or power motor sport vehicle. This is a little unique in the fact that the actual end users are the members of the finance department. They enter in the information given by a buyer who is sitting at a kiosk in a dealership viewing the keystrokes on a screen. The finance agent takes the information and the PHP-based application retrieves the data by form post and PHP session to carry throughout the process. This information is transferred to screens that determine the variables for cash purchases or financed purchases while calculating the finance terms, interest, payments for the optional features added and warranty coverage. While the buyer is on the phone, and part of the way through the process while the process calculations are being done, a video is displayed on the screen (using variables from a JavaScript document) to view in order to help pass the time. Once the video finishes, the buyer then sees a screen that has the calculated information there, and the agent can then continue. Also, the final F&I document is sent to a printer at the dealership. The form is pre-populated with data from the page, which was generated using a PHP/MySQL protocol. A JavaScript print command is also used to print a copy in the finance office.

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