The Story Behind Pudding On Smiles, The World’s Greatest Gourmet Pudding!
Posted on: January 31, 2018, by : KESHANDE Technology
What do you do when “life” comes knocking at your door?  Well just ask Kendra and Michael Sanders, who were faced with a very challenging situation and an even difficult decision.  On December 26, 2013 Kendra and Michael received a very small but beautiful little girl named Kenai, weighing only eleven ounces and whom doctors were giving her only a twelve percent chance of survival.  Little did they know she was a fighter beyond reason, and she was also born to two parents who would be with her every step of the way to ensure her survival.

Kendra was laid off from her position & shut down her online bakery to move into the hospital to be by her side every second, and Michael worked as a senior leader for national auto manufacturer and took care of home.  Even though their circumstance was overwhelming at times, Michael and Kendra could not stop thinking about what kind of future Kenai would have given all the medical concerns she was dealing with.  Due to her underdeveloped body and odds of her achieving an average normal quality of life, Kendra and Michael felt they had to do something to offset some of the potential challenges she may face ahead.  After six months of living in the hospital, Kendra was contemplating not opening back up her online bakery and that’s when it hit them.  They realized that they could offset some of the challenges for Kenai by creating a legacy in starting their own family business.

Everyone loved Kendra’s gourmet handcrafted custards from her online bakery. Michael agreed that everyone loved it, and the fact no one else was doing it they decided it would be a great idea to start a pudding business.  Kenai was later released from the hospital during the fall of 2014.  Kenai’s determination to be so strong and resilient allowed her to recover sooner than anticipated; seven months after being released from the hospital she was taken off all medical equipment.  With optimism at their backs to push them to reach their goals, Michael and Kendra jumped off the cliff of entrepreneurship and  Pudding On Smiles was created out of love and from love.  The answers for family circumstance was literally in the pudding.

It is Michael and Kendra’s greatest wish to share their love for family, for life and for you through sharing their pudding. From the first bite to the last bite you will feel an overwhelming feeling of love, joy and family. They desire to build a world class organization that is known for the best dessert treat in the world.  They will most certainly revolutionize the dessert industry. When you taste their product or meet them you feel like family, reason being it’s because you are family.  With your continued support and love you are the reason Kendra and Michael are the American Dream. Let’s smile together.

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