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We are NOT your average technology company!KESHANDE Technology Media ServicesDiscover our Creative Services below...

We produce high definition videos in both the corporate and entertainment sectors with a creative eye and a dedication to professionalism. Whether you need coverage of an interview, a web or TV commercial, a special occasion, promotional event or a music video, we have an economic solution for you. It doesn’t just stop there. We also provide editing services for digital video, focusing on simple and clean delivery with maximum impact.

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We are happy to be your choice for professional graphic design services. Remember, we design with YOU in mind! Whether you need design for digital ads, online marketing, website layouts, collateral pieces (business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, etc.) or logo design and branding, we have the eye for you. We work progressively with you to make sure your ideas along with our ideas and best practices for design and layout meet your desired visual output.

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Sometimes, you need a few collateral pieces to use in marketing your product. Select whether you want business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures or a combination of all. If you need a design to go along with it just add it at check out. Design layout fees DO NOT include logo design or other design services. To view pricing for other graphic design services, click here.  Should you have any questions, call 972-559-4932 to speak to a professional.

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Broadcast LIVE Over The Internet!

KESHANDE Technology is the source for the creative content professional who desires to broadcast live events, conferences, presentations, regularly scheduled shows and performances to viewers across the world using your own live webcast channel.
Set up your LIVE WEBCAST Channel today!

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